August 2020

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  • Pacific Harbour Park Facilities

    The PHRCA received some exciting news! The Queensland Government has offered some Covid relief money to MBRC to apply to the region.  The PHRCA has been granted funding to improve the facilities in Harbourside Park. In addition we are looking at a small amount of playground and exercise equipment to be installed in Sea Eagle Park. […]

  • Street Trees – Black Sooty Mould August 2020

    You may have noticed that some of the street trees (Tuckeroo) in the estate have developed a black sooty mould. Sooty mould grows on the sugar secretion from aphids and scale. This issue has been reported to MBRC and a treatment program will commence in August to attend to the matter. Firstly the pest will […]

  • PHRCA Members Facebook Group – join now

    Did you know that there is now a PHRCA Members Facebook Group to help the community engage with each other? This Facebook group has been established to assist in providing open channels of communication at all levels between residents, resident’s consultative committees, our professional manager and the management committee. Click on the link to join […]

  • Does your Pandanus look sick? It could have Pandanus Dieback!

    It might be Pandanus Dieback. One of the north coast’s iconic plants, the coastal Pandanus tree Pandanustectorius, is under local threat from dieback caused by a flatid insect known as the Pandanus planthopper jamella australiae.  The planthoppers exude honeydew; this encourages mould growth and rotting of terminal growth points.      MBRC treated the Pacific Harbour landscape pandanus in June […]

  • CDM Maintenance actioned : July – December 2020

    Dux Creek Park replace missing turf – 14.7.20 Dux Creek Park replace broken garden edge – 29.7.20 Peninsula Park West replace missing service pit cover – 27.7.20 Osprey View Park replace broken concrete – 31.7.20 Sylvan Beach footpath remove sand build up – 27.7.20 Sandpiper Shores Park, subsided path replaced – 20.8.20 The Landing verge […]