2021/2022 Ongoing Planting Update – Garden Infill

2021/2022 Ongoing Planting Update - Garden Infill

Planting is a critical part of making our estate look beautiful and setting it a part from the rest. Planting is in partnership with Moreton Bay Regional Council and is pending weather conditions and budget.

This Financial Year we have completed the following:



We met with council on the 29th of July 2021 to discuss this planting phase and map out the plants required to infill this area.

Marina Blvd was planted on the 24th and 25th of  August 2021 and is being watered for 6 weeks as a part of our Council agreement.

A total of 1758 Plants have been planted along Marina Blvd and was also mulched on the 14th of September.

Along with the infill planting 2 new Tuckeroos have also been planted near the roundabout on Marina Blvd Near Harbourside Park where the palm tree was damaged due to a car accident from the 17th of July.





EAGLES LANDING (November 2021)

We met with Council onsite on August the 24th 2021 to discuss the next planting for this area.

Originally the timeline to plant this phase was due to start in October 2021 however with some struggles of lack of rain recently, council requested we hold off until later in the year.

Planting was completed on the 25th November 2021. Watering has begun nd also thanks to the rain, plants are doing very well.

A total of 821 Plants were planted in this area.  Mulching will take place in 2022.




HARBOURSIDE PARK (November 2021)

In November 2021 with a little more rain on the radar, council moved ahead with some of the planting jobs on their schedule including the planting of 25-30 trees in Harbourside Park. The idea is that these trees will grow and screen the residents and eventually create a sound buffer.





UPDATE as of 14.2.21

More planting will be occurring in the next few months. The schedule has been pushed back due to a delay caused late last year in 2021 due to a number of factors including weather, Christmas and Covid restrictions.

Generally Mid December to Mid March is not a good time of year to plant however Council are committed to getting back on track as soon as possible. By the end of March / Early April, we will see more planting start back up again.


UPDATE as of 14.3.21

After a recent meeting with council and in reflection to the current floods, Planting will be pushed back until May/June this year (2022). When we have more updates we will be sure to keep you all up to date.

Our next planting section will blanket the entire estate looking at canal walkways and parks.
If you have a particular area you would like us to look at, please don't hesitate to email me on cdm@phrca.com.au (Angela)