APRIL 2022 – Monthly Wrap up

I held a meeting with our council contractor and council on the 12th of April. This lasted for a couple of hours and was a good opportunity to personally point out all of the areas of concern for them to address which they have also been actioning.

On Sunday the 10th of April I attended the BIEPA Vision forum. It was a great forum with a fantastic turnout with over 140 local people attending. The focus was on nature-based tourism and how we as a community can capitalize on our nature activities to encourage tourism to Bribie. I feel like we have great opportunities in our very own Kakadu Beach bird watching areas.

On the 26th of April council were in Skippers Canal Park fixing the rock wall along the canal however the backhoe they used caused considerable damage to the park/garden along the area. I have spoken to Council and opened a MBRC request to have this all repaired which they have guaranteed they will do at their cost. There is however many more months (Possibly 6-12 months) work of rock wall repairs that will be needed to be completed in this area. The quote to repair the garden damage to the area is approx $3500 therefore it will not be viable to repair the garden damage until all of this rock wall is complete. Council are considering creating a temporary path. Solutions are in their early stages at the moment.

Weeds are still very much a problem at the moment however these are being treated and worked on over the next few cycles.



Jobs Logged with Council: 27

New Sales Listing in the PHRCA area: 7

Total Monthly Rainfall: 59mm