• PHRCA Planting Project – Marina Blvd Section 3 – 19th, 26th & 29th September 2017

    September saw the planting continue along Marina Boulevard between Seaside Drive and Harbour Promenade with 2000 plants infill planted as a joint project between the PHRCA and the MBRC.    End of life plants and any odd species have been removed and will be replaced with block plantings of single species where practical.    Council […]

  • PHRCA Planting Project – Marina Blvd Section 2 – 14th July 2017

    The PHRCA have continued with the joint planting project in partnership with MBRC.    This week 3000 plants went into the gardens between Sylvan Beach Esplanade and Seabreeze Avenue along Marina Blvd have been infill planted.    Some of the plants had reached their lifespan and needed to be removed and others were just not […]

  • Audit of Planting Marina Boulevard stage 1 – December 2016

    The PHRCA have started to audit the gardens which were planted over the last eighteen month of the major planting project to see which species have failed and which have done well in the difficult conditions. This additional planting commenced on 8 December 2016 and covered Marina Boulevard between Sunderland Drive and North Point.     […]

  • Painting Signage Wall – October 2016

    We all know the Pacific Harbour Signage Wall on the corner of Marina Boulevard and Sunderland Drive has started to look a bit shabby. This month it will be freshened up with a good clean down and new coat of paint.     The work is scheduled to commence on Friday 21st October 2016 weather […]

  • PHRCA Replanting Project – final stage September 2016

    The final stage of the major replanting project commenced on 7th September. This stage incorporates Marina Boulevard Park South, which is located opposite North Point,  Marina Blvd Park North West as well as the remainder of the easements and walkway entries along Marina Boulevard.   The mulching will be completed by 7th October.      Total […]

  • PHRCA Replanting Project recommences at The Peninsula May 2016

    The joint venture with MBRC recommenced on Wednesday 10th May 2016 with planting continuing in The Peninsula, the parklands around the lagoon and easements along Marina Boulevard.       Mulching is now completed and watering for six weeks while they get established.  Total cost $6885.00.     The final stage of the project will commence around […]

  • PHRCA Replanting Project – The Peninsular November 2015

    A small amount of planting was completed today in The Peninsular and The Landing.  Total cost $1170.00.    This is the final planting for this year as the summer months are not ideal to keep the new plants alive.       The PHRCA will be continuing to replant and infill the areas not yet completed after March […]

  • PHRCA Replanting Project – The Promontory November 2015

    The Contractor has been hard at work planting in Whitehaven Park and The Promontory over the 28th and 29th October 2015.      The job will be finished week ending 13th November with a layer of mulch.   Total cost $16,275.00        

  • PHRCA Replanting Project – Seabreeze Avenue October 2015

    The next area scheduled for planting is Seabreeze Avenue and Seaside Drive, including streetscapes, parks and easements in this location. Residents would have seen planting commence on Tuesday 15th September 2015.      More planting will continue after 26th October due to the contractor having prior commitments elsewhere and a nesting Plover !!         Total cost $4245.00 […]

  • PHRCA Replanting Project – Kakadu Beach Park September 2015

    Kakadu Beach Park planting commenced on Thursday 3rd September and will be completed Monday 7th September 2015.     Council have top dressed the turf, filled the sink holes and spread mulch where it was most needed.    Watering will take place twice a week for a six week period to ensure plants are well established.    Total  cost […]