• Spring is nearly here – watch out for ducklings and baby Plovers!

    We have plenty of little ducklings following the adults along the footpaths and across roads around Marina Boulevard at the moment.    Please take care when driving as they are often hard to spot standing in the shadows at the roads edge. Likewise the Plover chicks are very difficult to see as they dart across […]

  • Clean up and mulching of Dux Creek Green Corridor – commenced August 2019

    Moreton Bay Regional Council have commenced a clean up of the gardens along the Dux Creek Green Corridor which runs parallel with Marina Boulevard between Sylvan Beach Esplanade and Verdoni Street.        This work may take several months as it will be done in several stages.     There will be no additional cost […]

  • Seaeagle Place Park – planting and mulch – August 2019

    Now that the Developer has restored the Seaeagle Place Park gardens on the newly developed side of Osprey Island after the pump station installation, Moreton Bay Regional Council have tidied up the original gardens on the existing side of the park by infilling the gaps and mulching these areas, bringing it back to the standard […]

  • MBRC addressing some small garden issues on the estate – July 2019

    MBRC have been busy with a few small garden issues this month.    They replaced a section of verge garden along Sylvan Beach Esplanade at the Marina Blvd roundabout.   This garden had become very raised and causing problems with the mulch washing out onto the road.    Therefore MBRC decided to dig out the garden […]

  • Helpful residents adopt a community garden in times of less rainfall

    A big thank you to those residents who are helping the gardens to survive through the very very dry period by providing a little bit of extra water to the community gardens near their houses. The gardens are suffering terribly from the lack of rain and the Council and PHRCA are trying to provide watering […]

  • CDM Maintenance Actioned : January – June 2019

    Three trees blown over in Greenway removed – 9.1.19 Sediment removed from end of the path in canal easement The Peninsula – 14.1.19 Shopping trolley removed from Greenway near Banksia St – 23.1.19 Street sweeper in Marina Blvd – 24.1.19 & 30.1.19 Remove debris build up in Dux Creek overflow drain – 14.1.19 Pathway from Teal Bvd made […]

  • Harbourside Park completion due end of June 2019

    Finally the plumbing inspection and water meter have been completed and the amenities building is almost ready to unlock. All pathways have been cleaned.   The BBQ and water fountain have been cleaned and are now available for use. Damaged turf areas have been replaced and gardens and turf are under maintenance until MBRC take over […]

  • Garden mulching project – April to June 2019

    All street gardens in the PHRCA area are receiving some much needed mulch.   This has greatly improved the appearance of the gardens after so many months without rain.      All areas will be mulched by MBRC before the end of June 2019.

  • PHRCA Planting Project – Dolphin Cove – April 2019

    Dolphin Cove walkways along Cosmos Avenue and Cosmos Park were infill planted on 16th April 2019 with 390 plants at the cost to the Association of $2,925.00.    MBRC will be hand watering these plants twice a week for a six week period to ensure they are established.     

  • Kayak launching now available from Star Marina – February 2019

    Would you like to be able to launch you kayak from the Marina off Harbour Promenade? After requests from members, the PHRCA Committee have now arranged that you can use the facilities at the Marina to launch your kayak. The condition is that you must first read and sign the attached Agreement and return it to […]

  • Harbourside Park progress photos – January and February 2019

    The playground equipment and shade cloth structure installation commenced on Thursday 10th January 2019.       Playground edging has been installed ready to fill with sand and softfall for use at the end of February. The amenities block commenced  Monday 18th February 2019, this has been held up firstly due to Unity Water not installing the […]