• What to do if you find injured wildlife around Pacific Harbour Canal Estate

    From time to time residents may find injured or trapped wildlife on the estate, this can include in the canal system.      Local Vets can assist with small animals such as birds, however not anything larger such as wallabies. If you can safely help by containing the animal that is the first step.    […]

  • Gardens under street trees – who maintains them?

    Street tree gardens are not maintained under the MBRC garden maintenance contract.        The street trees themselves are on a regular shaping and lifting program through the council, and require council permission to remove.   However if there is a garden around the base of the tree, it is up to the lot owner […]

  • Garden and Turf Maintenance Contract

         The PHRCA grounds maintenance contract is tendered through the Moreton Bay Regional Council  process and Elite Horticultural have been awarded the current contract which was effective from 1st July 2021 until 30th June 2025. The PHRCA pay the MBRC for all works over and above that which they would normally supply in our […]

  • A visit from a Bribie Local

    We had a special new resident spending some time keeping the grass down in vacant lots in North Point this week.

  • Does your Pandanus look sick? It could have Pandanus Dieback!

    It might be Pandanus Dieback. One of the north coast’s iconic plants, the coastal Pandanus tree Pandanustectorius, is under local threat from dieback caused by a flatid insect known as the Pandanus planthopper jamella australiae.  The planthoppers exude honeydew; this encourages mould growth and rotting of terminal growth points. MBRC treated the Pacific Harbour landscape pandanus in June 2018.    […]

  • Tree Removal Walkway between Kakadu Cct and Teal Blvd 6.1.21

    Moreton Bay Regional Council made a decision to remove approximately eleven trees (Melaleuca and Cupaniopsis anacardioides) from the walkway between Kakadu Cct and Teal Blvd on Wednesday 6th January 2021.    Unfortunately neither the PHRCA or the adjacent residents were informed of the decision. The council states the reason for the removal was because of […]

  • Wild Storm hits Pacific Harbour – 7th December 2020

    Unfortunately there is a fair bit of damage with some trees down and a lot of debris to clean up in our beautiful Pacific Harbour area after the storm yesterday afternoon.        The main areas where trees are down were in Marina Blvd, Eagles Landing and Teal Blvd. The contractor Elite are here […]

  • Pandanus – Pacific Harbour Estate – December 2020

    Moreton Bay Regional Council have inspected the landscape Pandanus Trees within Pacific Harbour and have agreed to do a treatment of these trees over the December to January period.      The estate was last treated in 2018.  

  • Trees and Gardens on council land – how do you request maintenance….

    If your property is on the boundary of a council park, walkway or easement, you may at times believe a tree or garden requires some additional work such as tree trimming or you might have a concern such as tree roots.     The correct procedure is to lodge a request with the Moreton Bay Regional Council […]

  • CDM Maintenance actioned : July – December 2020

    Dux Creek Park replace missing turf – 14.7.20 Dux Creek Park replace broken garden edge – 29.7.20 Peninsula Park West replace missing service pit cover – 27.7.20 Osprey View Park replace broken concrete – 31.7.20 Sylvan Beach footpath remove sand build up – 27.7.20 Sandpiper Shores Park, subsided path replaced – 20.8.20 The Landing verge […]

  • Spring is nearly here – watch out for ducklings and baby Plovers!

    We have plenty of little ducklings following the adults along the footpaths and across roads around Marina Boulevard at the moment.    Please take care when driving as they are often hard to spot standing in the shadows at the roads edge. Likewise the Plover chicks are very difficult to see as they dart across […]

  • Street Trees – Black Sooty Mould August 2020

    You may have noticed that some of the street trees (Tuckeroo) in the estate have developed a black sooty mould. Sooty mould grows on the sugar secretion from aphids and scale. This issue has been reported to MBRC and a treatment program will commence in August to attend to the matter. Firstly the pest will […]