Dumping of green waste on community gardens – Did you know you can be fined by MBRC?

Public gardens, Parks and Vacant lots are becoming dumping grounds with some residents tipping grass clippings in gardens and throwing palm leaves and garden rubbish on vacant lots and in public parks.       MBRC are very concerned at the increase within Pacific Harbour as this can build up and create a fire hazard and a breeding ground for rodents.   Not to mention the extra workload for our garden contractor who do not always have the space for the extra rubbish.

It is the responsibility of each land owner to dispose of their own green waste so we can all take pride in our award winning Pacific Harbour development.       Share a load to the dump with your neighbour, hire garden bags or simply cut it up and put it in your weekly garbage bin.

Should there be any council trees or shrubs that are overhanging your property which require trimming, you can submit a request directly to the MBRC or through the PHRCA CDM on the contact page of this website, who will arrange for the trimming on your behalf.

Any continuous green waste dumping is reported to Moreton Bay Regional Council.

5.3.18 Inspection (8) Whitehaven Park Greenwaste dumping