FEB 2022 – Monthly Wrap Up

This month the garden subcommittee had a meeting which has given us some projects to work on to better the estate. I will be working on this list over the coming months and will report once we have some outcomes.

Council informed me that on the 22nd of Feb they would be completed more palm tree lifting and would include Raptor Parade as per job request. As of the end of the month this looks like it has not yet been completed. I enquired about the entry of this section of the estate also and they said they were unsure if they would have time to fit this section in this time round.

The end of this month has seen an extreme weather event with mass rain and localized flooding. There is a lot of clean up to be completed due to this. Our contractors were unable to get to us due to extreme flooding in SE Qld, on Monday the 28th Feb (the first day of sunshine from the weather event) however would be attempting to get access to us the next day conditions pending, on the 1st of March.



Jobs Logged with Council: 33

New Sales Listing in the PHRCA area: 12

Total Monthly Rainfall: 901mm