Illegal Tree Clearing

Super sad post time…………
So sad to see residents illegally take to the beautiful cotton tree with a chain saw in Sea Eagle Park today. We apologise to our residents that this has happened to your amazing park.
Council are now involved and will address the situation. This tree had only just been tidied up by council last week so it certainly was not out of control.
Cotton trees require their ‘suckers’ to provide stability. This poor tree is now highly compromised and it will be very sad if the outcome is to remove the tree. We will have to wait to see what happens after council assess the damage.
This is a selfish act and to see it was one of our residents makes it even more disappointing.
My phone is always on, my emails always open. If anyone would ever like to discuss our gardens, parks or any other concerns, I am available.
If council trim a tree a certain way it is always for a reason. They are the experts and know what is best for each situation. Just because it is not the way you would like it done, doesn’t mean they haven’t done their job.
Phone: 0448 744 743