Garden Infill Planting Stages – what’s next….

The PHRCA estate has had a continuous infill planting project in place since 2015.    Planting is in partnership with Moreton Bay Regional Council and is pending weather conditions and budget.   The following is the staged approach planting schedule and is subject to weather constraints.

The 2020/2021 budget will cover stages 10, 11, 12  and 13.      

StagesArea Covered
1 aMarina Blvd – Sunderland Drive to North Point streetscapes
1 bMarina Blvd – North Point to Sylvan Beach streetscapes
2Kakadu – streetscapes, easements, walkways and Park Turnstone
3Osprey Island – Streetscapes, easements and Parks Seaeagle, Eagles Landing and Baza
4Dolphin Cove – Streetscapes, walkways and Parks Cosmos and Caltowie
5Kakadu Beach Park including Bird Hide carparks
6Headlands – streetscapes, easements and Parks Seaside, Seabreeze and Shearwater
7Harbour Promenade, Beaufort Circuit and The Quay – streetscapes, bio basins, easements, walkways and park Harbourside
8The Promontory – streetscapes, easements and Parks Whitehaven Shores, The Promontory South and North
9North Point – streetscapes, easements, Parks North Point, North Point South and North
10The Peninsula and The Landing – Streetscapes, Easements and Parks The Peninsula Park East and West, Marina Blvd Park North East and opposite easement to Marina Blvd Park South
11Marina Boulevard Park North West and opposite easement to Marina Blvd Park South
12Marina Boulevard Park South (section 1 main park) incorporating walkways and Pectoral Place and Whitehaven Place bio basins and streetscapes
13Marina Blvd Park South (section 2 greenway) remaining four walkways out to Marina Blvd
14Sunset Park Gardens (MBRC)