JAN 2022 – Monthly Wrap Up

Welcome to 2022, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. January has been a relatively quiet month with most of the corporate companies we deal with having time off and working in limited capacities or from home due to the current Covid-19 conditions which is slowing some progress down.

This month I emailed and then spoke to our garden contractors in regards to the standard of work at the moment. I sympathize that this time of year is difficult however we are not receiving our usual standard of work. The contractor will be holding a meeting with his crew and having the discussion of expectations so everyone is on the same page.  On this note, the work we are receiving is typical of other MBRC council areas and contractors work, however our standards are higher and as such I felt it was important to have this discussion.

In January we had an issue with the illegal pruning of trees in the Canal Walkway between Raptor Parade and Baza Place which council was quick to respond to and action.

At the start of the month, I received a few phone calls from residents this month who received levy notices and could not find any contact details to contact USM. I would just like to remind residents that  the contact details for USM can be found on the back of the envelope of the notice (if received by post) or if you have received it via email, then you will have USM’s email address to respond to.

USM (United Strata Management)

Sam Gleeson PH: 1300 275 876

Email: mail@usmg.com.au 




Jobs Logged with Council: 15

New Sales Listing in the PHRCA area: 4

Total Monthly Rainfall: 99mm