I’ve heard from MBRC on the 11th of July in regards to the missing timber groin structures
along the Sylvan Beach Esplanade which we think may assist with the endless amount of sand moving up
on the path and covering gardens and grass areas at the start of Sunset Park. This lies in the hands of
Coastal Planning which is a State approval process and it will depend on their studies to see if these are
beneficial and will ever be replaced. They take cycles of reviews which take a holistic approach, monitoring
and SEMP reports. This section is still being monitored over the next 2-3 years before reports and updated
plans are put in place for this area. Once these reports are put into place, they will accommodate for a 10-
20 year plan. The current plan does not currently have these on the to do list. There is however a plan in
place to add a timber groin at Sunset Park almost in front of where the ramp is half way along the park.
This groin is being put in place in the hope that it will assist with the sand build up at the beginning of the
canal entry and to also encourage a natural beach in front of Sunset Park.

I also spoke to the gardens department in council towards end of month and they informed me that they are in the
process of discussing the constant sand build up on the gardens at the entry to Marina Blvd and Sunset
Park. They are involving several experienced staff members to have a look at this issue and to collectively
come up with some other solutions.

At the end of last month, I noticed caution tape on a section near the canal wall in Sea Breeze Park. After
investigating with council, on the 12th of July I found out this is a job with roads and drains department.
They have to dig this area up and unblock some drains. As of end of July the tape has been removed and
drain job completed. I will make sure any gardens have been repaired appropriately and follow up if

Recent infill planting has been completed across the estate in June however there was a real rush and push
to complete this by the end of financial year and not all planting was completed as expected or discussed.
Early next week our contractor will plant Seafarer corner and also Skipper Canal Park with an arrangement of some
other council planting to be completed as council repair jobs in Harbourside Park near the Marina Office
and also the middle garden as you enter the carpark in Kakadu to follow later in the year.

This week Aqua Capture had informed me the path cleaning was almost complete however due to recent
rain they were still attending to the estate and would be completed shortly. A further update will
be supplied in next month’s update.

This month we printed 250 copies of the Kakadu Brochure funded by the PHRCA via Vistaprint at the cost
of approx $150 and presented them to the Information Centre for distribution. (see separate website post with brochure download)



Jobs Logged with Council: 19

New Sales Listing in the PHRCA area: 4

Total Monthly Rainfall: 107mm