June has been a busy month with contractors and council trying to achieve as much as they could before end of financial year.

In fill planting was completed with mulching this month in sections across the estate including Sunset Park, Harbourside Park, Seaside Drive canal walkway and assorted Ospray Island canal walkways. Approx 830 plants went in across the area. These areas have also been mulched. Seafarer verge garden is being completed next week. There is also further planting which is going in at the Kakadu verge garden opposite the Kakadu Car Park along with some golden panda trees for Skippers Canal Park. I am waiting to hear back from council on when this section will be completed. The next infill planting is scheduled for November/December this year with 2000 plants built into the budget for this next planting phase.

The Falco Path Extension has now been completed by council and at council expense.

The Broad Leaf Spraying has now been completed and funded by the PHRCA the cost of approx $4000.

AquaCapture also have been moving their way around the estate cleaning the main/park paths. Whilst I am still waiting on a final invoice the quote to complete this job was $7702.00 plus gst.

As an update to the Damaged grounds caused by council opposite Harbourside Park I received this response on the
7th of June from council:

Address: Behind 18 Shearwater Crescent, Banksia Beach
Intent: Rectify damage caused by machines accessing the area to fill holes behind the rock seawall, mulch track to be
installed so we can continue to service the area/rock seawall as required
Scope: 1.2m wide mulch track installed starting 1.2m behind the rock seawall, Orange area highlighted below for
mulch track install location. Replanting carried out predominately on the properties side of the mulch track essentially where anything is green to the left side of orange line below
We are currently seeking quotes for this work and will advise timeframes.



Jobs Logged with Council: 27

New Sales Listing in the PHRCA area: 6

Total Monthly Rainfall: 6mm