What a Load of Rubbish – Gross Pollutant Traps

Have you seen the crane trucks emptying out the gross pollutant traps in our estate recently?   Did you wonder what they were doing? Read on…

Throughout our estate, in strategic locations, a number of gross pollutant traps (GPTs) have been installed in the stormwater system.  The primary purpose of GPTs is to capture gross (large/coarse) litter items such as bottles and cans before they end up in the canal system and ultimately in the Pumicestone Passage.  These GPTs also tend to accumulate smaller items such as cigarettes butts, drinking straws, bottle tops, leaves and much more.  Periodically (twice a year), they must be emptied to ensure that they continue to function correctly, however the frequency of cleaning does depend on the type of catchment (residential vs commercial).

GPTs are just one part of the overall water quality management system within Pacific Harbour estate and they are not a ‘solution’ to dealing with all sources of pollution as they do not capture very small pollutant particles or dissolved aspects of pollution (e.g. fertiliser runoff).

You can help maintain good water quality within our canals by ensuring that you do not put anything down the stormwater drain or into the canals that you wouldn’t be happy to swim in!  This includes any garden waste/grass clippings, dog/cat droppings, food scraps or litter of any kind.

GPT 15.11.17 (1)    GPT 15.11.17 (3)      Cleaning GPTs GPT