MARCH 2022 – Monthly Wrap up

Council have been extremely snowed under this month with thousands of jobs generated from the floods in the MBRC areas. Covid has impacted the staff greatly with a lot of staff this month who I have spoken to working from home as they isolate due to covid, however they are still being extremely helpful and as efficient as they can during this time.

Given the current weather events our estate fared well with only minor jobs needing to be logged. There was however a lot of rubbish and dead Sealife washed up on all our beaches.

Despite their heavy work load, Council this month still managed to fit in and completed path maintenance up Marina Blvd shaving down all of the raised paths and trip hazards.

I held a meeting with our Garden contractor at the start of the month to discuss some planting and maintenance concerns and ideas. A follow up meeting which was planned for the 28th of March with Council was postponed to April due to weather. This meeting will be to discuss and plan for these concerns and ideas.

There is currently still a lot of sand all over the roundabout and carpark at Sunset Park. This is on my list of things to discuss with council. In the most recent Ground Committee meeting it was discussed that the timber structures along the sylvan beach foreshore towards the sunset park end have declined and that it may be worth council looking at reinstating these barriers to help with the sand movement here. I have logged a job for this and will report on the outcome when one occurs.

Unfortunately, I tried to plan a clean up Australia event at Kakadu this month however due to the floods this event was cancelled. It is expected to be held later in the year. If it goes ahead, I will try this again.



Jobs Logged with Council: 11

New Sales Listing in the PHRCA area: 3

Total Monthly Rainfall: 275mm