May has been another wet month again putting pressure on council contractors to play catch up with weeds and planned
planting coming up which is now scheduled for June.

After enquiring about some maintenance to the information boards at Kakadu,  we received a call from council on the 22nd of May saying
they had inspected the boards and agreed to complete maintenance. They will be cleaning, rust proofing and repainting these
boards within the next couple of months.

We had an email response back from Council on the 24th declining the request to install a seat at the bridge on Osprey Island as
there are already seats nearby in Sea Eagle Park and other areas in the region without seating are a priority. We sent back another
email with a request asking if the PHRCA funded the seat could we please have it installed. Council called on the 26th to discuss
and said unfortunately they can still not support the PHRCA funding the seat.

We were also informed this month that Brooke Savige had approved the BBQ to go into Sea Eagle Park and this job has now been
put into the Future Works Program for the coming years. (No exact time period given so could take some time)
Council have recently sent out information for the Bellara foreshore upgrade which on the map includes Sunset Park however
after enquiring with Brooke Savige, she has informed me that while the plans show it extending down there, she didn’t expect
there will be any changes to Sunset Park at this stage. However, she did expect the footpath leading up to it from Bellara will be
renewed (if funds allow).




Jobs Logged with Council: 16

New Sales Listing in the PHRCA area: 3

Total Monthly Rainfall: 329mm