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  • Canal Speed is 6 knots

    If you are having a problem with speeding boats in your canal, you can report the incident to the Queensland Police via Police Link 131 444 or to Maritime Safety Queensland on 07 3632 7500.    Both require a photo or video of the event clearly showing the registration of the boat concerned. Maximum speed […]

  • What a Load of Rubbish – Gross Pollutant Traps

    Have you seen the crane trucks emptying out the gross pollutant traps in our estate recently?   Did you wonder what they were doing? Read on… Throughout our estate, in strategic locations, a number of gross pollutant traps (GPTs) have been installed in the stormwater system.  The primary purpose of GPTs is to capture gross (large/coarse) […]

  • Marine Pollution Reporting

    Residents who have any concerns about pollution in the canals or any other marine environment are encouraged to report the matter as soon as possible to Maritime Safety Queensland to investigate. Contact details  :   P: (07) 53732306 | F: (07) 54446697 Email:   Below are photos of a recent Diesel spill in Pacific Harbour Canal

  • Livistona Palms – all you need to know

    Did your property come with a Livistona Palm?     How lucky you are!    They are a beautiful looking palm and being of a substantial size would set you back a large amount of money if you had to purchase these yourself for your landscaping.           We have added some links below […]

  • Gardens around street trees – who maintains them?

    Street tree gardens are not maintained under the MBRC garden maintenance contract.        The street trees themselves are on a regular shaping and lifting program through the council, and require council permission to remove.   However if there is a garden around the base of the tree, it is up to the lot owner […]

  • Street Trees – who maintains them?

    Street Trees are maintained by Moreton Bay Regional Council.      They create a uniform streetscape in our area and will mostly be a Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis anacardioides).     There is normally only one street tree per house lot. MBRC have a tree maintenance program to keep the trees trimmed and lifted above traffic height, however […]

  • Do you own a Vacant Block ?

    Pacific Harbour is a premier award winning residential development with extensively landscaped streets, entry statements, parklands, pathways and canal waterways for the enjoyment of all residents.    The PHRCA strives to keep the Estate looking at its best. Unfortunately, there are some vacant blocks that are becoming unkempt and this reflects on the whole area and becomes a frustration […]

  • Does your Pandanus look sick? It could have Pandanus Dieback!

    It might be Pandanus Dieback. One of the north coast’s iconic plants, the coastal Pandanus tree Pandanustectorius, is under local threat from dieback caused by a flatid insect known as the Pandanus planthopper jamella australiae.  The planthoppers exude honeydew; this encourages mould growth and rotting of terminal growth points.  

  • CDM Maintenance Actioned : July – December 2019

    Whitehaven Place corner garden edge replacement – 12.7.19 Whitehaven Place walkway into park turf repair – 31.7.19 Seaeagle Place verge garden edge repaired – 15.7.19 Cosmos Park Kerb repaired – 9.7.19 Marina Blvd Park Greenway garden erosion repair – 9.7.19 Marina Blvd Park Greenway dead trees removed – 12.7.19 Marina Blvd Canal easement safety fence […]

  • PHRCA Watering during drought – 2019

    As we all know, currently we are having extreme weather conditions and unfortunately rain in any quantity is not predicted for some time.    The PHRCA have engaged National Vegetation Maintenance (NVM) to water at least twice a week throughout the estate.       They will be using water trucks where possible, as this is […]