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  • Maintenance Standards within the PHRCA Estate

    Did you know that the PHRCA area has a different standard of infrastructure than other areas of Bribie Island?     Examples are that we have sections of exposed aggregate concrete, flagstones and pavers in our pathways, rather than just all plain concrete. When these areas need maintenance or replacing, MBRC will only replace at their […]

  • What is happening at Harbourside Park – March 2020

    The PHRCA committee are very excited that Moreton Bay Regional Council are adding the much anticipated “Adult Exercise Equipment” to Harbourside Park.      As of Monday 23rd March 2020 the Exercise Equipment has been installed, looks like another couple of weeks before everything will be ready to give it a try !

  • Marina Blvd additional garden – March 2020

    The garden along the embankment on Marina Blvd has been extended across the walkway into the Dux Creek reserve next to 16 Marina.    The reason this has been done is because the turf in this walkway had died under the trees and the soil had eroded and was constantly washing away with any rain […]

  • Skippers Canal Park – planting March 2020

    You may have noticed that there has been some infill planting completed at Skippers Canal Park this week.      Some sections of the original planting perished during last years drought conditions and the new planting species, Little Johns and Grevillea ground cover, should be able to cope should we go back to little rain. […]

  • Security Osprey Island new estate

    A resident has reported that there has been a few things go missing from building sites in the newly developed area of Osprey Island. Please be vigilant and report any matters to the police.

  • MBRC Sediment Sampling Fieldwork – Pacific Harbour Canal Estate – DELAYED UNTIL END OF FEBRUARY 2020

    Today we have been advised that the Consultant (SMEC) and their Sub-contractor (Pacific Geotech) will be mobilising for the sediment sampling fieldwork next week, with the following dates proposed: Pacific Harbour Canal – Thursday, 20 February 2020 If residents should have any questions on the sediment sampling work, we ask that they email: * The […]

  • CDM Maintenance Actioned : July – December 2019

    Whitehaven Place corner garden edge replacement – 12.7.19 Whitehaven Place walkway into park turf repair – 31.7.19 Seaeagle Place verge garden edge repaired – 15.7.19 Cosmos Park Kerb repaired – 9.7.19 Marina Blvd Park Greenway garden erosion repair – 9.7.19 Marina Blvd Park Greenway dead trees removed – 12.7.19 Marina Blvd Canal easement safety fence […]

  • PHRCA Watering during drought – 2019

    As we all know, currently we are having extreme weather conditions and unfortunately rain in any quantity is not predicted for some time.    The PHRCA have engaged National Vegetation Maintenance (NVM) to water at least twice a week throughout the estate.       They will be using water trucks where possible, as this is […]

  • Harbourside Park canal overflow – dead fish

    Unfortunately we have had another incident of fish dying in the Harbourside Park canal overflow.    This has been reported to MBRC who will investigate and clean up as soon as possible, which will probably take a few days.  

  • PHRCA Palm Tree Trimming commenced 21 November 2019

    The PHRCA has arranged for Palm Trees in park areas to be trimmed of the dead fronds where possible.   Some of the palm trees are too high to reach without a cherry picker so some may be unable to be reached by the contractor.       However, overall this should help to reduce the debris […]