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  • Turf weed spraying – May 2021

    The PHRCA arranged for the turf in all parks to be given a winter treatment for weeds.    This occurred over the 17th and 18th of May 2021. If you saw Technigro on quadbikes or walking, this is what they were doing.  

  • Do you require temporary access to your property via council land?

    Should you require access to your land for maintenance via a council easement, park or garden, you must first apply for access through the MBRC. Any damage caused to the council park, path or garden will be your responsibility to repair.    Please ensure any contractor you hire is aware of this requirement. All observed access […]

  • Where does your PHRCA contribution money go ?

    Have you wondered what our estate would look like if we didn’t contribute towards the garden maintenance?    Here are some pictures taken of some of the areas within Pacific Harbour that are totally maintained by MBRC.           Take another look at our estate and we are sure you will see […]

  • Bio Detention Basins – how do they work?

    Is there a Bio Detention Basin near your home?    Do you know how they work?   It takes three years before these basins are fully established in the MBRC area. The basins are designed to fill up with rain water and treat the storm water prior to it being discharged into our waterways.   […]

  • Lighting – have you considered your neighbours?

    When adding lights to your home, whether permanent or temporary, please look at how it may affect your neighbours.   This can mean across the canal,  across the road and on either side.   Christmas lights look great, but not all year around and not if they are blinking into somebodies bedroom.    Please be considerate.  

  • Canal Speed is 6 knots

    If you are having a problem with speeding boats in your canal, you can report the incident to the Queensland Police via Police Link 131 444 or to Maritime Safety Queensland on 07 3632 7500.    Both require a photo or video of the event clearly showing the registration of the boat concerned. Maximum speed […]

  • Gardens under street trees – who maintains them?

    Street tree gardens are not maintained under the MBRC garden maintenance contract.        The street trees themselves are on a regular shaping and lifting program through the council, and require council permission to remove.   However if there is a garden around the base of the tree, it is up to the lot owner […]

  • Garden and Turf Maintenance Contract

         The PHRCA grounds maintenance contract is tendered through the Moreton Bay Regional Council  process and Elite Horticultural have been awarded the current contract which was effective from 1st July 2021 until 30th June 2025. The PHRCA pay the MBRC for all works over and above that which they would normally supply in our […]

  • Garden Infill Planting Stages – what’s next….

    The PHRCA estate has had a continuous infill planting project in place since 2015.    Planting is in partnership with Moreton Bay Regional Council and is pending weather conditions and budget.   The agreement is that the PHRCA pay MBRC $7.50 per plant which covers the purchase of the plant, labour to plant and mulch and six […]

  • Does your Pandanus look sick? It could have Pandanus Dieback!

    It might be Pandanus Dieback. One of the north coast’s iconic plants, the coastal Pandanus tree Pandanustectorius, is under local threat from dieback caused by a flatid insect known as the Pandanus planthopper jamella australiae.  The planthoppers exude honeydew; this encourages mould growth and rotting of terminal growth points. MBRC treated the Pacific Harbour landscape pandanus in June 2018.    […]