The Queensland Police Service is the primary enforcing authority for parking. Council is also able to issue warnings and infringement notices on Council roads.

Drivers in Moreton Bay should be aware of the local parking rules. Council’s Local Law No 5 (Parking) regulates the parking of vehicles within established traffic areas and off-street parking locations defined in the local law. It is the driver’s responsibility to know and comply with these rules.

Is a vehicle allowed to park on the footpath?

Parking of vehicles on the footpath is regulated by Transport Operations (Road Use Management Road Rules) Regulation 2009. Council is legally required to investigate complaints about footpath parking where vehicles block or partly block a bicycle path, footpath, shared path, dividing strip, verge or nature strip on a Council road. Additionally, where parked vehicles make it difficult for other drivers to exit a property or side road or damage underground infrastructure. Penalties apply.