Trees and Gardens on council land – how do you request maintenance….

If your property is on the boundary of a council park, walkway or easement, you may at times believe a tree or garden requires some additional work such as tree trimming.     The correct procedure is to lodge a request with the Moreton Bay Regional Council for this work.     This can be undertaken on-line via the MBRC website or through the Community Development Manager.    The council will normally then inspect the issue and arrange for the work to be completed and any debris removed.

Please do not undertake this work yourself.     If the council has not been informed they do not know that there is a problem and they will also not be aware that there is debris to be removed.    The garden contractor is not obliged to just pick this up on their regular cycle and it will often be left for weeks.  (examples below)

This also applies to planting on council grounds.    Council have a very specific planting selection of flora that they know to  will work in our area and anything that does not fit into this may be removed.   Should you believe that more planting is needed in a specific area, please contact the CDM via the contact page on this site.


2 Feb 2015 (9) Kakadu Beach Park behind #6 to #14 Oriole Ct Tree not trimmed  14 Jan 2015 (173) Marina Blvd Park South walkway PMC014421  14 Jan 2015 (60) Sunset Park PMC014308  14 Jan 2015 (82) The Landing PMC014313 PMC005053 PMC014317  2019 01 09 Seabreeze Park (1)  2019 01 02 Inspection Marina Blvd (15) Trees trimmed next to 181 Marina