Works have commenced on developing the Harbourside Park area

The first stage of works, which constitutes the development approval works required of the developer (QM) is due to commence around 12th March 2018.   Any queries in relation to this stage of works should be directed to QM.

The joint venture works and drawings attached for the Harbourside Park (MBRC/ PHRCA/QM) have been scoped based on estimates for construction and may not necessarily reflect the actual constructed works given the current fixed financial commitments of the parties to the value of $750,000.00 + GST in total.     Once tenders have been receipted on the 26th April 2018, the works may need to be re-scoped to conform with the total funds made available.   PHRCA web site will be updated with further detailed information relevant to the actual scope of works adopted and the construction timing when known.

Click here to see attachment:  2014034-HSP-ST2-Package April 2018

Queries regarding this stage of works may be directed to the PHRCA Community Development Manager in the first instance, via the link on the contact page, who will be happy to forward your query on to the relevant party for a response.