Pacific Harbour Community

  • The Pacific Harbour Residential Community Association (PHRCA) has been established to proactively manage landscaping, maintenance, security, graffiti, traffic, public safety and other issues impacting upon the current and future residents of Pacific Harbour.

    The association has been structured to allow open channels of communication at all levels between residents, residents' consultative committees, a professional manager and a management committee.

    The PHRCA is based on a proven international model, and is an innovative arrangement for a quality residential development.   It is a highly effective way of giving responsibility for quality control back to the residents of Pacific Harbour as well as contributing to a culture of community pride.

  • Our Aim

    The Pacific Harbour Residential Community Association aims to:

    • Maintain the high standards of presentation of public areas.
    • Establish control of the estate appearance by the community, for the community.
    • Optimize Council service levels to the estate.
    • Maintain high levels of communication and cooperation between residents and local and state government departments.
    • Preserve and enhance the amenity value of the Estate.
    • Enhance community spirit and quality of life for residents.
    • Enhance and protect our local environment.
    • Enable decision making by residents for any ongoing improvements to public areas and/or facilities.

    What do I get by belonging to the PHRCA, and paying my fees?

    • The Association is constantly undertaking replanting and additional undertaking infill planting projects that would not have otherwise been provided within MBRC’s budget. This occurs usually bi-annually in each area on a rotation basis
    • In periods of dry weather or low rainfall, the Association arranges and pays for additional truck and hand watering of the public spaces throughout the Pacific Harbour estate to ensure the health of the plants and trees, the ‘green leafy’ aspect within the Association is maintained. (MBRC did limited main road watering in the drought of 2019, the PHRCA paid for the watering of the whole estate)
    • Through the Association’s well-established relationships and arrangements with MBRC, it has the ability to call out, and pay for, immediate clean-up crews after storm events to collected fallen branches, collect sand that has blown up onto roads etc. This benefits the aesthetics of the estate and also the safety of all pedestrians and road users.
    • When mature plants, palm trees or decorative paving require replacement the Association arranges and on occasions pays for like for like replacements, which MBRC would not undertake within their budget.
    • The Association funds more frequent downed palm fronds and branches collections than is provided by the MBRC
    • The Association is able to represent the hundreds of residents within the Association that regularly results in outcomes with Councillors and Local Members that would not be achievable with individual approaches.
    • The Association increases safety awareness by attending Neighbourhood safety meetings and monitoring local neighbourhood safety information and where necessary reports back to members.
    • The CDM monitors council development proposals and has an input to ensure these proposals will meet the estates expectations.
    • Welcome calls/emails are made by the CDM and Professional Manager to new members so residents have a point of contact and the opportunity to ask any questions when they first become a member.
    • The Association has a CDM in place so residents have a single point of contact to ask questions to with CDM details easily found on the PHRCA website.
    • The association uses a closed group social media page for residents only to make updates with useful local information and info on PHRCA matters creating a sense of community and offering value to residents.
    • The Association look after concerns and address issues with short term rentals such as contacting Air BNB and short-term rental real estates in order to address and resolve noise & parking issues and address irresponsible use of the estate by air bnb tenants.
    • The CDM works with council Local Laws department to ensure local laws are being adhered to.
    • The Association looks to preserve the well-being of the community by reporting covenant issues to the QM covenant department in order to protect property values
    • Working with BEIPA and various government bodies to improve tourism to Bribie Island and highlight the special, nature-based opportunities provided, such as the bird roost and shellfish reef restoration in Pumicestone Passage that the Association has contributed to.
    • The largest project undertaken by the Association in the 2020s has been the Development of Harbourside park near the Marina Precinct. This large area was designated as an open grassed area with no prospects of being treated as anything other than that by MBRC or providing any significant benefit to the Community. Over a few years the Association was able to develop plans and obtain funding for a, three stage, significant park installation that has provided toilets, bbq facilities, play equipment for various age groups and families, exercise equipment, shade and gardens. The total cost of the park installation was approximately $1.8 million with the Association contributing approximately $275,000.00 and negotiating contributions of more than $300,000.00 from both MBRC and the Developer.
    • Water bubblers (including in Kakadu Beach Park in 2021), exercise and play equipment, a bbq and seating in various parks which would not have otherwise been installed by MBRC and with part/full payment from the association.
    • Approximately $120,000.00 of play and exercise equipment in Sea Eagle Park in 2021, paid for by the Association and through additional funding sought by the Association.
    • Community events and activities organized by PHRCA promote social interaction and engagement among residents. These events help to build a sense of community and foster relationships between neighbours. (Such as get together nights, social events held in the past and arranged for the future)
    • Annual Christmas Light Boat Parade – The biggest community Christmas event on Bribie Island is organised by the Association in conjunction with the MBRC and Volunteer Marine Rescue Bribie Island and paid for by the Association including entirely by any sponsorships obtained by the association. Includes Santa, choirs singing carols, food stalls, a lolly drop for kids and numerous boats decorated in Christmas lights following a route around the canals.


  • PHRCA Map

    Click on the image below to view a PDF version of the Pacific harbour map.