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    Your committee is here to help and to act as your community voice.  If you have questions or feedback, please use the contact form and one of the committee members will get back to you.

    Your 2020/21 Committee

    • President :

    • Greg Mulpeter

    • Treasurer :

    • Juan De Soto

    • Resident Members :

    • Ritchie Bloomfield, Brian Madden, Rob Lowe, Shelley Morris and Jacqueline Smith

    • Developer Member:

    • David Young
    • Secretary :

    • Archers     Emily Birch       (non voting)

  • Send Us a Message

    • Address:
      PHRCA Secretary
      C/- Archers Body Corporate Management Pty Ltd
      GPO Box 3025
      BRISBANE,  Qld.  4001

    • Email:
      Community Development Manager
      Any assistance or suggestions for improvements should be emailed to the CDM.   Note:  All Covenants matters should be directed to QM Properties.