• Change of CDM 1.7.21

    Tracey Milligan-Marsh has retired from the position of Community Development Manager as of 30th June 2021. Angela Kratzmann has accepted the position and will commence on 1st July 2021, please make her welcome.

  • CDM Maintenance actioned : January – June 2021

    Harbourside Park Baby Change table repaired – 8.1.21 Turnstone Park repair broken street light – 18.1.21 Harbour Promenade replace dying street trees – 28.1.21 Harbour Promenade remove dying palm tree – 22.1.21 Skippers Canal repair 6 knot sign at canal entry – 15.1.21 Marina Blvd remove dead palm tree – 22.1.21 Entry Arbor posts Seaside […]

  • Privacy Breach – 18.6.21

    To all  Pacific Harbour Resident members, your committee has been made aware of a possible privacy breach in that a number of member emails have been compromised and an unsolicited email sent to them. We apologise for any breach and are working to remedy it as quickly as possible.    

  • What a Load of Rubbish – Gross Pollutant Traps

    Have you seen the crane trucks emptying out the gross pollutant traps in our estate recently?   Did you wonder what they were doing? Read on… Throughout our estate, in strategic locations, a number of gross pollutant traps (GPTs) have been installed in the stormwater system.  The primary purpose of GPTs is to capture gross (large/coarse) […]

  • Lawn clippings – are they good for the council gardens?

    The Moreton Bay Regional Council does not encourage lawn clipping to be added to the community gardens.  They can actually fine you for dumping your lawn clippings in these gardens.   Lawn clippings often carry weed seeds with them which only makes the job of the garden maintenance crew more difficult and a constant source of […]

  • Livistona Palms – all you need to know

    Did your property come with a Livistona Palm?     How lucky you are!    They are a beautiful looking palm and being of a substantial size would set you back a large amount of money if you had to purchase these yourself for your landscaping.           We have added some links below […]

  • Have you moved house ? Don’t forget to update your address with the PHRCA.

      Did you know that if you move house you need to update your address in writing to the Professional Manager for the PHRCA?      Contribution notices are issued every six months and if you have moved in this time they may go to the incorrect address. Please ensure that Archers Body Corporate have […]

  • Turf weed spraying – May 2021

    The PHRCA arranged for the turf in all parks to be given a winter treatment for weeds.    This occurred over the 17th and 18th of May 2021. If you saw Technigro on quadbikes or walking, this is what they were doing.  

  • Do you require temporary access to your property via council land?

    Should you require access to your land for maintenance via a council easement, park or garden, you must first apply for access through the MBRC. Any damage caused to the council park, path or garden will be your responsibility to repair.    Please ensure any contractor you hire is aware of this requirement. All observed access […]

  • Where does your PHRCA contribution money go ?

    Have you wondered what our estate would look like if we didn’t contribute towards the garden maintenance?    Here are some pictures taken of some of the areas within Pacific Harbour that are totally maintained by MBRC.           Take another look at our estate and we are sure you will see […]

  • Bio Detention Basins – how do they work?

    Is there a Bio Detention Basin near your home?    Do you know how they work?   It takes three years before these basins are fully established in the MBRC area. The basins are designed to fill up with rain water and treat the storm water prior to it being discharged into our waterways.   […]