June 2019

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  • CDM Maintenance Actioned : January – June 2019

    Three trees blown over in Greenway removed – 9.1.19 Sediment removed from end of the path in canal easement The Peninsula – 14.1.19 Shopping trolley removed from Greenway near Banksia St – 23.1.19 Street sweeper in Marina Blvd – 24.1.19 & 30.1.19 Remove debris build up in Dux Creek overflow drain – 14.1.19 Pathway from Teal Bvd made […]

  • Harbourside Park completion due end of June 2019

    Finally the plumbing inspection and water meter have been completed and the amenities building is almost ready to unlock. All pathways have been cleaned.   The BBQ and water fountain have been cleaned and are now available for use. Damaged turf areas have been replaced and gardens and turf are under maintenance until MBRC take over […]